Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Reflections on Reading & Healthier Habits

 Here comes the sun..


After almost a week of rainy weather or gloomy weather the sun came out yesterday and it was a pleasure to finally sit outside and just relax! For some reason mosquitos like my ankles but never my husband, hmm. There really aren't that many out there this year, but just saying...

I am making a conscious effort to remain emotionally balanced and I found a site that has some good articles: It's just a free site but it promotes mindful happiness and positivity, and yes, gratefulness. I see some people make a grateful list each week and I am certainly going to try that. I do have much to be grateful for, especially in these last 16 months of uncertainty and grief. My daughter, who works in urgent care clinic of the hospital, was swabbed again for covid, thinking that the common cold she brought back from vacation could be a delta variant. Her 4th time in the past year tested, ugh. Rapid test, then mandatory stay at home until the regular test comes back. It was negative. 

Changes to my reading life & life in general:

I'm not going to reach for those shiny psychological thrillers on every must-read-list, where women are stalked, tortured, or kept prisoner, or children and animals are killed. It's been a major genre out there everywhere you look. Every bookish website I visit tells me I need to read them.  Ditto for explicit sex thrown in mysteries and suspense just to pull readers in.

I'm not going to watch true crime documentaries on ID or Netflix, or read those books anymore. We as readers go through "seasons" in our lives when our taste in books change. I used to read only big name authors when I was in my early 20's-30's because there was no Goodreads, Amazon, or internet blogs to point me towards lesser known but wonderful authors. I used to read Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Rosemary Rogers, Dean Koontz... and plenty of gothic romances similar to Rebecca (those I actually do still like but rarely read). I don't think there was even YA back then. The world of reading has evolved over the years and I need to also.

 So now: I'm going to gravitate towards police procedurals that focus on solving mysteries-- there can be killings but hopefully off-stage, women's fiction, literary fiction, cozies, nonfiction, and a scattering of (leaning toward sweet-ish subgenre of) HEA romances. Yep, you heard it. I almost never read a romance because I'm so over the explicit descriptions in books geared toward women with shirtless men flexing unrealistic muscles. The opposite of bodice-rippers. I do think it's about time women can choose to read sexually explicit/erotica, stories that men have had available since forever. I just am choosing not to read those. There is a book for every reader, and a reader for every book!  We just need to find our "home base" and then enjoy! 

I'm also: listening to music I find on Youtube. Such as, heads up- a teen/young woman named Allie Sherlock, a busker in Dublin, who mesmerizes me with her voice as she covers popular music. 

Watching more food & cooking shows and home renovation series. I enjoyed Renovation Island, a Canadian series on Discovery + that follows a contractor/home design couple with kids, who buy a run-down resort in the Bahamas and live there as they renovate it. Calming ocean views and beachy scenes, very peaceful. I do like Valerie Bertinelli, Pioneer Woman, Ina Garten, Magnolia Channel, Chef Ramsay, and cooking & baking competitions. I used to avoid them because I'm an impulse, emotional-binge eater. I need to find other outlets to comfort myself but I'm watching these just for fun and allowing myself to get healthier in my own way. I told family members to not gently request I exercise more or eat healthier. As with any addiction, you can't force a person to give up their vice. But I am staring it down and vowing to work on it. 

We are going to move the treadmill into the living room from the back room which I never used because we mostly use it for storage. My husband and I have given up any snacks or desserts after dinner, and we eat much earlier now so there is a longer period of "fasting" up until my morning cups of coffee with half & half in them. 

I collected some inspirational quotes on the internet and printed them out so I can look at them when needed. I made a list of places and things that make me happy and replace any negative thoughts with those. I've decided to tune out relatives who bring toxic energy to me and concentrate more selfishly on what makes me happy. 

Your Problem Quotes & Sayings | Your Problem Picture Quotes - Page 5

After all this, why don't I actually mention books, lol??

I have been watching Manhunt: Dangerous Games on Netflix (limited series but not a documentary). It is the true story of the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, and how an innocent security guard was tried and convicted in the press, hounded by the FBI, and shunned by his acquaintances. It is very well acted and not gratuitous. I actually read the book this is based on a few years ago and enjoyed it. Now it's interesting to see the story play out on the screen. I always read a book first and usually- but not always- like the book better. The Suspect by Kent Alexander. (I'm not a sales associate for any sites, just posted the first one I saw). I might even reread it. It's all about the detective and forensic work done to capture the true bomber. Not a violent show.

Book Cover

I think I mentioned these last time, but I finished Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt and When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain both good. Truthfully, looking back I see I'm reading, but I haven't finished any book in the past week!! Too busy with doctor appointment, driving my daughter to and from the airport, feeding her cats, and helping my husband with some yard work. I'm eager to jump back in now though, now feeling better about what choices I will be making.


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What I'm Reading now:

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looking forward to possibly obtaining soon:

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Did any of my new positivity habits resonate with you?

How was your week? Did you read as much as you had hoped to?

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