Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Some Recent Titles That I Really Enjoyed!

 Hi all! Been awhile, but I've been busy! 

Not just physically, but emotionally, invested in current family situations. My son moved last month to a new apartment in NYC, and also just secured a much better position in his career field and for more money-- happy dance! My daughter went on vacation down to FL where our kids grew up... and decided to move back. Thus followed legally breaking the lease agreement with the current landlord, moving back home to us for possibly 2 months, then securing a new rental down there long-distance and job hunting, long-distance.... are you tired yet?! I sure am. Add to that some medical concerns, nothing to worry about, for my husband and I have read in uneven spurts. Not reading as much due to company of said daughter, but when I did, I read voraciously to escape into the pages! Hurray for the world of books.

I stumbled over a couple of titles that I returned without reading, but all these listed below were awesome matches for me. I can only recommend them, you need to see if they mesh with your reading style.....

Good choice:

The Donor by Clare Mackintosh

I didn't pay attention to its size when choosing- it's a novella- but it was a nice diversion. I don't usually read shorts or novellas because I prefer a more "meaty" story. A young teen is gifted with a new heart transplant and the mother of the donor, which was supposed to be kept a secret, contacts the family to become a presence in her life. Sort of creepy...

 Even better:

Emilie Richards is a new to me author, but I see she has a prolific backlist, so I've decided to follow up with some of her older titles. A good choice for a large and satisfying women's fiction choice (544 pages). A story to  further the thought that family is what you make of it and not just your biological roots. I really liked it because I knew the location very well, Tarpon Springs FL, having been there at the sponge docks many times and having a relative who lives on the other side of town from it. I enjoyed the descriptions of the Greek food, restaurants, culture and family structure. That might have been why the story was so long but it was worth it for me.

Finding Grace by another new to me author who I see around the blogs, was a suspenseful dysfunctional family contemporary, and it was the right choice at the right time. A girl disappears on a one block walk home from her friend's house, supposedly being watched by a parent at both ends of the trip for safety, and fingers are pointed at everyone involved. Enjoyable suspense for those who favor this genre.

My best choice: 

 Omg, what just happened! I inhaled this book in two sittings in one day, and that is very unusual for me. It grabbed me from the first page and had me wanting to know what was transpiring at every turn. Not for everyone but definitely for me. I appreciated that the characters were painted in shades of grey rather than black and white, good and bad. Reminiscent of those disaster films such as Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno (if you are around my age you would know these), this story moves along in real-time and in flashbacks which are not invasive. The author is a former flight attendant and she knows her stuff, so the plot seems feasible (okay, until at midway when a character is introduced who proceeds to be pivotal in the plot but is a stretch of the imagination due to the coincidence of it) but that didn't hamper my enjoyment. I love these kinds of stories and this one was right up my alley, and possibly for you too?


New to the towering TBR stack, courtesy of the publisher:

 An author I've read off and on since The Cypress Tree in 2002 (!). Choosing this was a no-brainer, but it doesn't release until new year, so onward to other titles for now.

Enjoy your world of reading-- stay safe, stay sane, and also stay happy!

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  1. Wow, things have been busy for your family. Sounds like it's all good though. I'm making note of several of these books. Good to see you, Rita!


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